Lish Dish: Don't Stop Believing…

Are you a Journey fan? You know, the power ballad rock group of the 70's, 80's and 90's.  Well, being a child of the 80's, they're all I ever heard on the radio.  I was never really a fan of them in high school or maybe it was just that everyone else was and I wanted to be different.  That happened with me a lot. If there was a huge ruckus about some band, I generally turned the other ear and listened to "my own music" LOL, God, you couldn't pay me to be a teenager again.

Today, however, I've changed my opinion of Journey. With the addition of their new front man, Arnel Pineda, I have found myself listening to them more than I ever have.  Maybe it's his voice sounding eerily like Steve Perry's, maybe it's his own showmanship or maybe I'm just rooting for him to live his dream.  His own story of living in the Philippines, losing his mother (who taught him to sing) at twelve years old and living in the streets with only a biscuit in his pocket to live on for a few days really struck a chord within me.  He was a singer in many bands and his latest, Zoo Band, performed cover songs of Journey, Aerosmith and the like. He sang some Journey tunes and his friend Noel Gomez put them up on You Tube.  Neal Schon, guitarist of Journey went online looking for talent and saw Arnel's performances. After finally convincing Arnel that his email was not a hoax, contacted him to see if he'd like to audition to be the new lead singer of Journey - after a 2 day audition, Arnel got the gig.  I mean, come on, what an amazing story!

Close Your Eyes and Listen - Amazing!

They just released their new CD, Revelation, on June 3rd. It's a 3 CD/DVD set that I do believe I will be buying.  1 CD is their new work, 1 CD is 11 re-recorded classics (which I can't wait to hear) and a DVD concert from Las Vegas from this past spring.

Just for Good Measure, Listen to This One Too!

Some Journey purists may not be as ecstatic with having someone who sounds like Perry take his spot, but Pineda's voice, though damn close, has its own sound, which I find really awesome.  He's really adorable, too.  Some have gone so far as to post racist/ethnic remarks about his "brown skin" not being part of a true American band.  I know it shouldn't, but shit like that really surprises and shocks me.  Can we not see people being different as a good thing? God, if we all looked and acted alike how boring our lives would be.  But, being in the GLBT community, I know I'm preaching to the choir.

And speaking of Steve Perry, where is he? What happened to him?  According to their bass player, Ross Vallory, Steve needed a hip replacement and after a year of waiting and he still hadn't had the surgery, they replaced him.  After 20 years as friends and performing in the same band, Neal Schon can't even contact him without going through an attorney.  So sad!  Whether Steve and Neal have bad blood obviously is of no consequence to the future of Journey.  They have indeed found new life with Arnel Pineda and, in me, a new fan.


cynthia: i LOVE joiurney!!! but more in a sing-it-at-the-top-of-my-lungs-while-wondering-to-the-next-bar kinda way. thanks for the touching back story - now i love them even more! i'll have to check it out. xoxox, cyn

robert: I'm not jumping up and down about their re-recordings. I think that's an insult to Steve Perry. I do however find three or four of their new songs amazing. Thumbs up.

taritz: Exactly! I agree whoever wrote this article. I've been listening to the new album, I hate to say this but i kind of hooked to the eery voice of Arnel Pineda, i couldn't believe he could even sound almost exactly like bon jovi,aerosmith, heart, etc voice. I guess because of his high range.Let's just enjoy,his time now because I know time would come too that his voice would be lowered like Steve Perry, because as we grow old, muscles that controls our voice would aged too.

james: I was waaaayy into Journey when i was in grade school. I liked it when the white sox used "Don't Stop Believin'" as their unofficial song in 2005, since i'm a big sox fan, but it was also on the jukebox at the bar i worked at and i grew to haaaaate it and the chads and trixies who'd play it over and over [and this was on the North Side!] again, and then there was that Famous Movie Actor who'd sing along at the top of his freakin' lungs when he was there and the song came on and his skinny girlfriend at the time sat by not too amused. ;)

sudersky: Nice article........ Let's go Journey... God bless!!!!

CIARRA: I an in my 20's and I love Journey. There's something about Journey's music that transcends generation, race and culture, and this is what music is all about. I absolutely love Arnel Pineda, that's what I call pure talent! Like you, I am still up to now shocked by racist comments from other sites/blog. Let's give this new guy a chance !

Di-Lish: Well, I've purchased the new CD/DVD set and I have to say I dig it. A lot. Arnel's voice is fantastic and their single After All These Years is just a beautiful song with wonderful harmonies. He has definitely passed the test in my eyes and can easily stand strong with these guys. I didn't hear much Steve Perry in the new songs, just Arnel's sweet tenor. He can belt out the rocker songs as well as the ballads. It's good stuff! The re-recordings I really enjoyed, although I still like Patty Smythe's version of Only the Young the best. Stone in Love, Faithfully, Open Arms, and Lights stood out as the strongest songs. The DVD is really great since you get a mix of the old and new and can see Arnel's performance ability, which I must say, is top notch! Their drummer has an incredible voice as well. His vocal performance was quite impressive. Go out and pick up a copy. I think it's only available at Wal-Mart for some reason, but you can also get it on Journey's website like I did :) I just can't go to Wal-Mart... Thanks for commenting folks! Di-Lish

corbilbonsorb: Thanks for the post


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