Amy Off-Air: God, Guns and Gays....Oh My!

The Pennsylvania primary. In the heartland states, their political barometer is based on the "3 G's" - God, Guns and Gays. However, it has been mostly about God and Guns this time around. Based on Barack's "bitter" comments eating up airtime over the past week, political pundits are having a field day defending or attacking his fumble...since they are bitter, the people in PA cling to God and guns. Bet he wishes he said that differently. Many PA folks think he is out of touch or condescending. So Hillary is running with it. She is talking up the hobbies and "gun" protections in the state - our little Annie Oakley. And both of the candidates met on CNN to discuss Faith in America. Of course Barack is NOT an elitist, even if many of his friends and contributors might be, but this is politics and how the game is played.

But then again, Barack has been in the news with the "gays." He has been chastised for not been meeting with local gay press in PA. The Philadelphia Gay News requested an interview with him - no response. Last week they ran a photo of the Senator on Page one with a stamp saying "1529 days since the Senator has spoken to Local Gay Press." So late last week he did sit down for an interview with the Advocate. National Press, not local. His last regional gay press interview was with our very own Windy City Times during his run for the Senate. He talked to the Advocate about repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tell. But PA folks want to know his stand on the anti-gay marriage state constitutional legislation before the PA senate.

But then the vote came last night. They said Hillary had to win big. By 10 points to stay viable in the race. And she did. The proverbial "they" continue to give her a bar to hit and somehow she hits exactly where they tell her's amazing to me the fight in that lady. She wins another state even when Barack outspent her 3-1. But what does that mean? Did the negative ads garner her votes? Did he simply lose votes? Is the tide turning? Is the state too old and too indebted to the Clintons? Can Barack win middle class white votes? Recent polls say that 50% of Hillary's supporters in PA would vote for McCain over Obama. That is a scary statistic.

Kudos to both candidates on their speeches last night. For Hillary it was one of her best. For Barack it was the stellar oration we always expect. Hillary was optimistic, direct in her plea for contributions and positive about Obama. Obama was congratulatory, not convinced that his message needs to change, and he mentioned "gay and Straight" for the first time in a long time in a political speech on TV (that I can remember.) SO he is aware that he needs to be talking to us. I think Hillary needs to mention from a podium sometime soon as well.

So the race continues. On to Indiana and the Hoosiers and to the Mountains of North Carolina. Looks like we are headed on to June. Is that a bad thing for the party or good? Big questions. And it is all playing out. How exciting! Now that's Democracy.


james: Obama has often mentioned gays in his speeches, even when talking at black churches and, if you remember, at his speech at the Democratic National Convention. I can't recall Hillary, for all the interviews she has given, mentioning the word 'gay' in mixed company. I also thought Hillary's speech in Penn., like much of what she says, was fraught with plagiarism (that line about it being 'personal' for her? John Edwards was saying that many many months ago. And that whole 'yes, we will' chant is a cheap takeoff of Obama's 'yes we can.' ) That blank page on the Philly gay paper was cute -- did the editor tell people up front that he has been a contributor to Clinton's campaign? But I love Amy -- as much as you can love a podcaster you've never met -- so I don't want to say anything too disagreeable here. Just don't get me started with the whole 'they should run together' thing...

K: This Hoosier is waiting impatiently to vote for HILLARY... BRING IT ON!

amy: Oh James I would love to hear your whole "they should run together thing" -- I really would. Let your fingers continue to type to me. It keeps the relationship between podcaster and listener alive! And I love that you love me as a podcaster...and are commenting on my attempts at a blog. Look for our newly designed website with much more blogging I hope from other hosts. And I LOVE hearing your keep 'em coming and YEAH! K - Another "Hoosier for Hillary!" (I think there is a t-shirt campaign that could make someone lots of money with that phrase.) Thanks for the comment!

Jeff S: Hi Amy! I agree w/ u on this one totally..I think Hillary can win both North Carolina and Indiana because she sounds more like she is for the working class of our country and Barack seems a little elitetist to me..His wife and him both have law degrees from Harvard..Yet,he has no significance on the southside of Chicago where people are getting killed by these guns by gangs and at the same time,hurting and ruining people's lives who are innocent bystanders in all of this. What Barack could do more of since he is the senator from Illinois is start acting like one to help even the ones in his own home neighborhood. It is shameful to hear about all these acts of violence due to gang warfare and poverty. The black community is the first to cry for prejudism and yet Recv. Wright denounces white people and says the us government used this to get rid of african americans..Thank goodness,he denounced these comments.We need a tax break on gas prices in teh summer and start getting jobs back in our community whatever it takes..taek care,jeff


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